I’m Chris Paika - I work as a software engineer at Tesla Energy, working on the cloud platform that ingests telemetry from our fleet of Powerwalls and Megapacks.

For personal interests, these are the categories of things that I find value in again and again:

  • Family
  • Meditation
  • Reading (of course!)
  • Rationalism and the LessWrong community
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Water - boating, SCUBA, any water sport really
  • Investing

My email address is paika.christopher@gmail.com. I’m always happy to get email and meet knew people - see my Standing Invitation

Isn’t it a bit weird for your blog title to be your last name? Starting sometime as a teenager ‘Paika’ became a nickname for me. It followed me to college, and after a few years in the workforce of miraculously being called ‘Chris’ again, someone started calling me Paika and once again it stuck. When naming the blog I figured I’d lean into the nickname since it’s apparently not going away!