I was once a shy engineer, who didn’t really understand that other people not only could, but wanted, to help me in my career. I would read articles and books from other engineers, and somehow never realized that I could just write to them and say hello. I always believed I had to improve on my own - that I was too junior, or too dumb, and I had nothing of value I could say to get these people’s attention. I came to think of asking for help as a sign of inadequacy, that I was too incompetent to figure it out on my own. I was in a self imposed isolation from the broader software community. What I learned over time however was just how wrong I was. No matter where you are in your career, you will always go farther will help and mentoring from a friend. Learning from others is a strength, not a weakness. You don’t need to have the perfect question to reach out, or fear being seen as annoying. The software industry is filled with people who would love to help you. So to pay it back, here it goes:

This is a standing invitation - if you want to talk about software or infrastructure, I want to talk to you.

My email is paika.christopher@gmail.com - that’s the best way to get in contact with me. If I don’t respond, feel free to DM me on my twitter

I like getting email

I have never, not even once, regretted getting email from an engineer, student, or person interested in our industry. I always enjoy it! The worst thing that could happen is that I’m behind that month and it takes me a while. I respond to everyone - sometimes it just may take me a few weeks.

I enjoy helping people

If you are new to the software industry, and looking for advice on how to get a job - please reach out. No question is a bad one! I think software engineering is an incredibly rewarding career and I want to help others join the industry.

I like giving practice interviews

Are you nervous about interviewing for your first software engineering job? I’ve given around 50+ software engineering interviews - both technical and behavioral. Contact me, and I’ll give you a practice interview along with feedback on how you did. We can make the interview as hard or as easy as you want. I’m one of those weird people that enjoys giving interviews, so please reach out.

I enjoy reading things

If you write something - good or bad - send it my way. I’d love to read it.

I like meeting people in Boston

If you are in Boston and want to talk software, send me an email. I’ll buy you a coffee, no questions asked.

Shamelessly stolen from the wonderful patio11