Current Projects 🌱


I’ve always enjoyed blogging here, as well as writing on twitter. I’m slowly working on a personal book, about myself for an audience of one.

Learning Scala

I’m currently working through two books on Scala and Functional Programming:

The first is Category Theory For Programmers by Bartosz Milewski. So far it’s a great book and I believe it will really increase my ability to write good functional Scala.

The other is Functional Programming Simplified, by Alvin Alexander. It’s a lot more basic than the book on Category theory, so is great to help me master the fundamentals while I can really stretch my abilities with the book on Category Theory.

Abandoned Projects 🧟

Learning Golang

Status: No reason to learn Golang - I’m learning Scala for work!

To stay up to date with the industry and contribute in the Cloud Native Foundation open source ecosystem, I’ve started to learn the Go programming language. To start I picked up a (physical!) copy of the highly recommend “The Go Programming Language”

A picture of my copy of The Go Programming Language

Currently I’m going through the exercises, chapter by chapter. You can see my progress through the exercises on my github repo

Calendar Calculator

Status: Would love to come back to this someday!

A golang utility that reads your google calendar and lets you know how many meetings you’ve had over different periods of time. Check it out here

Finished Projects 🌳

Gravity Game

A little game I used to try out webpack. Add planets to the field and watch them all interact with each other gravitationally. Click here to try it out