The Week: March 21st -> 25th

I have a good, challenging week ahead of me. For personal work, the primary focus is on exercise. Doing a daily workout, making things happen.
Side goals are starting to plan some trips with people in Colorado, and booking some Scuba trips for this weekend.

For work, I have a lot to do with Zookeeper this week. Want to get it done, document it well, and move on. I’m going to keep learning category theory, as the book I’m reading has ben incredibly helpful in reorienting myself towards to the mathematical foundations of Scala.

So to summarize:

  1. Exercise
  2. Learn
  3. Work
  4. Play
  5. Plan

If at the end of the week I published 2 blog posts on category theory, planned weekend dives, and finished my workplace work, it will have been a job well done.