The Week: March 21st -> 25th

I’ve done pretty good this week despite setbacks with some health problems. Did 3 workouts, so I’m officially back on the workout wagon. Booked Scuba trips for the weekend. At work, almost finished the project I’ve been on for a while so wrapping that up and moving on to something new.

Haven’t published a blog on category theory, got stuck on the challenges and haven’t made any progress. However I did get a chance to work with Hector in person in Miami which was a blast!

Feeling very good about a fun, relaxing weekend with some SCUBA diving. Will definetly focus on rest, since we just had friends visiting and that’s always draining.

Next week with be high productivity, I’m in Key Largo with nice weather, and no friends to distract me. Excited for it, and will do everything in my power in the next few days to set it up for success.