The Week: March 28th -> April 1st

This week is a critical one at work. It feels like an inflection point, where I’m finally free of one attractor and about to speed towards another. The key move when you are at an inflection point is to not go backwards, follow the curve towards the new.


The key is to gracefully finish the Kafka work, this morning, today. So that in the planning meeting I’ll be all ready to go to pickup new work and get started on something fresh. Really excited for the fresh start, but I want to treat it with respect. This is going to be challenging. The best way I can face it is with calm respect. This shift has been a long time coming. If I can relax, embrace the difficulty of the challenge, and enjoy the difficulty - I will have considered that a job well done.

So the key to work is:

  • Relax, be comfortable
  • Play
  • Cherish the challenge & opportunity

If the opportunity presents itself, I’ll jump back into the Category Theory book and finish some challenges.


I have a goal to do five days of pushups today, which I’m going to hit. My lovely life partner is doing them with me, I’m excited that I’m back to working out.

Otherwise, will focus on relaxing, drinking water, stretching occasionally. Keeping the body healty. Doing some writing when I feel like it, but not stressing myself out with deadlines. I’ll publish what I’ll publish.

I’ve been working on a theory of life force and how to cultivate higher agency, ideally I’d like to continue developing - however it may just be a weekend activity, when I have more space. If the time is right, it’ll happen.

I’m in a wonderful place for only two more weeks, so while work will be challenging this week, I should pair that challenge with a whole heck of a lot of R&R - rest and relaxation. That’s going to be how I support myself.


This week is professionally focused, however not to an extreme. Working hours should be normal, really just understanding it’s going to be challenging so I don’t overexert myself. When something’s challenging, you want a lot of rest so you can attenuate without burning yourself out.

If I come to the end of the week on friday feeling energized and excited for the project I’m working on - that will have been a 10/10 success. I have faith that I will, I’ll let you all know in my reflection on friday.