This was a tough week. Learning new things at work has been fun - it really has - but nonetheless stressful. I’m very glad to be finished with my last project. I’ve done an okay job at relaxing - I focused a lot on reading, when I should of been writing more it does a much better job of relaxing me.

I did my 5 days of pushups which was a huge win - I’m feeling great. Been drinking plenty of water and eating pretty healthy.

My focus was off. Towards the end of the week I was better about putting my phone away, but there’s no way around it - I could’ve been more deliberate with my attention. It’s much better than it used to be, so I know I’m going to improve next week.

While I wouldn’t say I’m energized about my current project, I’m definetly enjoying it. I learned a lot of new Scala concepts (methods vs functions, function currying, statefulMapConcat). The Category Theory book has hugely paid off, already the Scala type system is making so much more sense.

So I’m off to a fun weekend of boating with family. Next week I’m on vacation, and the week after Colorado! Lot’s of things to do, I’m grateful for it.