At my house now we have three personal Mac’s - one much older one, along with two newer ones that my and Kristen use to work on projects together. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years is that keeping a development machine humming, tuned to what you want takes deliberate effort. And keeping two in sync is even more annoying.

Now that I’ve finished cleaning it up I’m releasing the tool I use to do this - Mac-Bootstrap. It’s very simple - just a collection of bash scripts and a Brewfile that installs a bunch of common tools, asdf for version management of ruby/java, and generally just gets you sane defaults for your computer.

My intention is to help out other developers, especially new ones, who have a mac but don’t want to spend hours configuring it. The script gets you from stock mac to 10/10 developer machine in 30 minutes, along with instructions for some nice manual tweaks I’ve found over the years.

If have any feedback please feel free to make an issue for me!