Recently a couple friends and I did a workshop for them to build a personal website. It was a fun excuse for me to start a workshops marp presentation github repo, as well as get them a place that’s theirs on the internet.

Especially now with so many people in tech, I do believe it’s super important to differentiate yourself with a personal blog. Great way to hone your writing, great way to stand out. I got my job because of my writing online, and I don’t think that’s a fluke.

Overall the workshop went well - always difficult installing a ruby toolchain for the first time, although homebrew and asdf certainly make it easier. They pre-purchased domain names via Namecheap, which is 1) affordable and 2) has the whois privacy baked in. I registered a website without the privacy once and regretted that for a long time!

We we’re able to finish in about 2 hours flat, which was pretty good. Check their websites out, hopefully they’ll have their first post by the time you do: